On-Demand Contact Solutions

Fast, cost effective, and simple

Hosted Contact provides on demand contact systems and technologies to deliver real business advantage to organisations of any size and industry.

Every business has customers, both internally and externally, and every business needs to engage with those customers effectively and efficiently.

Hosted Contact provides the systems to enable effective communication and customer interaction across a variety of channels from the delivery of a phone call to the management of the relationship.

Talk to us today about...

…An outbound dialler you only need for three months of the year

…A disaster recovery system with full IVR and inbound routing

…The latest in ITIL v3 service management solutions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your sales team

…An Enterprise PABX solution that you don’t have to manage

…And just about any other form of customer interaction technology you can think about


2010-09-23 - Conn3cted CONNECT with Hosted Contact Centre

2010-09-23 - Intelligent Interactions with INTERACTIVE INTELLIGENCE

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